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Time Warner Cable Packages Save You Big Bucks

Everyone wants to save money. With Time Warner Cable, families can save money while enjoying great services.

Time Warner Cable can give a home the high-speed internet services it needs to surf, download HD programming and online games, or network with friends and family around the world. With broadband speeds and reliability, and PowerBoost, it’s never been easier upload photos or navigate social sites.

With the Time Warner Cable Internet services, families can connect traditionally or wirelessly giving families more mobility. Families can choose Time Warner Cable Internet or Time Warner Cable Internet Turbo to pick the speed that best fits their needs.

This service provides the online safety necessary to help guard against threats like viruses, bots, trojans, popups and more. It can also help with protecting personal information to help protect against Identity Theft. This security software comes at no additional charge.

Parents can relax with the online Parental Controls that also come at no additional charge. These Parental Controls can be used to block undesirable web content and protect children as they surf and play their online games. These Parental Controls can also help keep parents informed on who their children are networking with.

When a family needs mobility, Time Warner Cable Internet can give it to them with the Time Warner Cable Internet Mobile. This service allows families to take their internet with them for laptops and other portable devices.

When it’s time to relax and watch television, Time Warner Cable Digital TV can provide a wide selection of standard and HD channels, with a large no-fee HD choice for stunning clarity and sound enhancements.

These channels can be enjoyed with the help and convenience of the DVR or HD-DVR. With these devices, a family can record all the programming they are not home to watch during the day, so that it’s available with the press of a button when they get home.

The DVR and HD-DVR can record on multiple channels at one time, with enough storage for hours of sports, movies, network shows, children’s cartoons and more, in standard or high definition. These devices can also play back recorded shows while recording more.

The DVR offers more control with its ability to rewind, pause and fast forward through programming, so that viewers have total control over what they are watching and when. This control extends to the viewing selections that Time Warner Cable Digital TV provides through their large On Demand selection.

On Demand has more than 10,000 viewing selections, including newly released movies and hundreds of other selections.

When it’s time to talk to friends and family, Time Warner Cable subscribers can get through the Time Warner Cable Home Phone service. This service has unlimited local and long distance calling to any location, at any time, in the United States and Canada.

This unlimited anytime calling comes at an incredibly low monthly rate. One low monthly rate also includes digital calling features that offer all the modern conveniences on a home phone line.

Callers get the benefit of Fiber Optic quality, with digital voicemail and newer features like Caller ID on the TV, all for a standard rate that does not vary from month to month.

When a family wants all of these services in their home, they can do it through a Time Warner Cable Package. One monthly statement comes for three services, with convenient bill pay options. This makes it even easier for any family to enjoy low rates and great services, all through Time Warner Cable.