Eddie The Eagle is the real life story of the famed Olympic ski player, Michael Edwards. Michael Edwards was the first skier to represent Great Britain in the Olympics. The film  directed by Dexter Fletcher, premiered in the United States on February 26, 2016 and received a positive reception.

Michael Edwards had a long-time dream of being a part of the prestigious Olympics. He did not even know in which sport he wanted to participate. He was interested in skiing, but did not fare well in it. However, he had the unconditional support of his mother, although his father was not that enthusiastic about his ‘unrealistic’ dreams. He finally opts for skiing in the Winter Games, but the British Olympic committee does not select him for the Olympic skiing team. However, he was so determined to participate in the Olympics that he found an answer in ski jumping. This category had not seen the United Kingdom participate ever. He makes the cut and joins the training camp, where other players make fun of him for the lack of skill and unorthodox tactics. He is then trained by a seasoned coach, Bronson Peary, who himself, is looking to redeem himself.

Hugh Jackman plays Eddie's trainer in the movie
Hugh Jackman plays Eddie’s trainer in the movie

The movie is basically about the human spirit. It is not necessarily about winning, but about the perseverance, about how hard you can get hit and still push back. You cannot call Eddie the Eagle a talent trove, but this man can try and how. This is what the audiences connect to most. They feel for the guy. The movie plays on the classic emotion of rooting for the underdog and it does that really well.

The movie also reminds its viewers of the important lesson that it is never too late to learn. People fall into a rut and convince themselves that they cannot learn. This movie negates that train of thought and fights forward. Eddie The Eagle is legendary in the way he has conducted himself throughout his life and the movie celebrates the same.

The movie’s cast includes Taron Egerton as Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards and the role of Bronson Peary is portrayed by Hugh Jackman. Egerton has played his part well in the sense that he is believable as an athlete, but in appearance, he does not look much like Eddie. In the role of coach, Jackman has delivered a fine performance too.

Taron Eggerton plays Eddie in the movie
Taron Eggerton plays Eddie in the movie

The plot of the movie and the performance by the actors went down well with the critics and the audiences alike. While it received a 76% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, it managed to score an A grade on CinemaScore.

After watching the movie, the audience is pretty much guaranteed to leave the hall with a smile on their faces. The film shows the protagonist bumping into one hurdle after another and still working his way through it. The great part is that Eddie also manages to retain his sense of humor through all the problems that life throws at him. The movie also brings home the true spirit of the Olympics.