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Check Out The Cable TV Providers In Your Area

Your local cable TV provider may have more to offer than you are aware of. Did you know you could get the latest in HD-DVR technology? Or that your cable provider has a wide selection of HD channels, with many free HD channels to enhance the value of your programming package? These are just some options that can give you the programming you are looking for.

Your cable provider is family-friendly. Since you want to keep a kid-friendly viewing environment, your cable provider offers free Parental Controls that help you block adult programming. You can use the on-screen channel guide to see what comes on to determine what you want to block and what you want to see. Use the guide to set your DVR or HD-DVR so that you catch all of your favorite shows and movies, not to mention all of your football, hockey or soccer. These selections can be stored on your hard drive to be ready for you when you have the time to watch them.

You can use the DVR/HD-DVR to fast forward, pause and rewind through your recorded selections. You can also use these functions to control the new movie releases and Pay Per View selections you have access to. There are thousands of selections on these services, available to you day or night, so you are never without something to watch.

If you would rather watch your video programming online, your provider has a lot to offer. You can get online programming, as well as a solid broadband connection to watch it with. Go wireless and you can view these selections on your tablet or laptop while you surf, chat or shop and bank online.

The high-speed Internet service comes with online security and online Parental Controls so that you are more in control of what goes on in your home. The online security offers protection from trojans, spyware and viruses while the Parental Controls keep your children off the sites you don’t want them on. You can use the controls to block internet access and to monitor online activities. They give you the control you want.

Your provider also enables you to communicate by phone with a set monthly rate and unlimited local and long distance calling. This rate includes your calling features for managing your calls. It allows you to call within the US, Puerto Rico and Canada. You can even make your international calls and save more money.

With one service provider, your entire home service needs can be met. You can ask about a bundled service plan so that you get the discounts and money-saving offers you deserve. A bundle will combine home programming with home internet and home phone service on one bill. With a Bundle, you can save money by paying the discounted monthly rate. You can save time by paying for three bills through a convenient online bill pay option. It means less time spent with the check book and debit card and more time spent enjoying the services you pay for.