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Time Warner Cable Packages in NYC

When you have to choose a cable provider, chances are you aren’t thinking if they can also provide you Internet services. Similarly, when you’re out looking for a company that will provide you with a home landline phone, you are considering if they would also be the best option for a cable provider. When you think of Time Warner Cable NYC, however, you already know the answer. If you want television, a landline and high speed Internet in New York City, TWC is the place to get all three and at extremely affordable rates.

Benefits of Bundling

Time Warner Cable in New York City

Whenever you’re choosing one service from a company (like cable or Internet), it’s always important to considering if they offer multiple services that you need. When you buy multiple services at once, called bundling, that company is more inclined to give you those services at a discounted rate to encourage you to invest more. If you’re already out to get multiple services, it’s in your best interest to consider bundling with one company.

Bundling at Time Warner Cable in New York City means getting high speed Internet, over 200 channels of television and a secure landline with features like call forwarding and caller ID, all for just $89.99 a month. That’s just $30.00 a service. Bundling with one company also means ensuring that you get the same great Internet service as you get great cable service.

When you decide to bundle, you’re also more likely to get better tiered services than if you were to get each service individually. This saves you both time and money. Instead of picking through dozens of package choices for phone, cable and Internet, bundled choices take the best options and synchronize them together so that you don’t have to waste the time doing it.

Bundled Services

Free DVR service Time Warner Cable New York NYC

As mentioned above, bundling saves you time and money. It also gives you a pretty clear idea of what you’ll be getting. When you bundle, you’re more likely to receive additional benefits. Listed below are the benefits for each service provided when you bundle.

Cable Bundles

Bundled television packages include 70-200+ cable television channels, dependent upon your package. These packages universally allow certain channels to be viewed in HD at no additional cost to you. When you triple bundle, your cable package allows for over 200 channels, the inclusion of an HD box and the use of DVR services. Bundle packages start at $79.

Phone Bundles

Bundled phone services allow for unlimited calling to anywhere within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Additionally, TWC offers the Phone 2 Go app, which allows you to use your smartphone or tablet device to send and receive phone calls and text messages and listen to voicemail from your landline. With the Phone 2 Go app, you can call and text to and from anywhere all over the world. This is offered at no additional cost to you.

Internet Bundles

Internet services that are bundled allow for the use of high speed Internet at home and around the country. These packages offer customers the use of nearly 500,000 wifi hotspots all over the US, at no additional cost to the customer. These wifi hotspots allow you to stay connected to the Internet during any time of day or night, and gives you the freedom to remain mobile. Additionally, some Internet bundles allow for Internet speeds of up to 50Mbps, allowing you the ease to stream videos online, download music and stay caught up on social media without needing to buffer, reload or waste valuable time.

Preferred Triple Play

Time Warner Cable in New York City pricing

Preferred Triple Play is Time Warner Cable NYC’s way of offering you the best of all three services at an affordable price. With three options to choose from, you can have high speed Internet, digital cable television and digital phone services all for less than $130/month. These triple bundled packages allow you the use of the TWC On Demand feature, offering you over 19,000 additional movies and television shows, as well as DVR and HD services.

Preferred Triple Play Option 1 – $109.99/month for 1 year

This triple bundled package offers customers over 200 television channels and the use of an HD box and DVR services at no additional cost. The HD box will allow you to more easily view certain channels in HDTV, providing for clearer, sharper television images and more robust colors while watching your favorite shows.

Customers in the Big Apple also have access to unlimited calling all over the world through use of the Phone 2 Go app. Unlimited calling and texting without the app is limited to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. This package also allows for Internet speeds of 50Mbps, allowing you the ease of surfing the Internet without huge wait times.

Preferred Triple Play Option 2 – $129.99/month for 1 year

The second Triple Play options allows for access to a whole house DVR system and access to TWC’s On Demand, which offers an additional 19,000+ movies and television shows to watch at no additional cost to the customer. With Internet speeds up to 50Mbps, streaming videos, downloading music and general surfing of the web are all within reason. Customers also have unlimited local and nationwide calling.

In addition to the basic cable channels provided with this bundle, this triple play option allows customers premium channels, which include EPIX, Starz and Cinemax, with a fourth option to choose from between HBO and Showtime.

Preferred Double Play Option  – $114.99/month for 1 year

Time Warner Cable - Enjoy Better - Triple Play best price

While not really a triple play, this option allows customers to bundle television and cable to save money. This option included TWC’s Turbo Internet, allowing for speeds of 20Mbps. Additionally, customers have access to TWC On Demand and DVR services at no additional cost, making this bundle especially desirable for customers who make heavy use of their televisions and Internet connections. Two premium channels are available for free for 12 months with the purchase of this package. Customers can choose between HBO and Showtime, or HBO and Starz.

Your search for the top cable TV and Internet provider in New York City has come to an end. Start now. TWC NYC Deals are fantastic right now.

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Is Comcast The Best Cable Service Provider?

Comcast has some exciting new features and services to offer its customers. These services and features can help provide an entire family with the kind of programming that makes for a great home theater, as well as great home communications.

Enjoy television channels like Disney, Lifetime, the Discovery Channel, the NFLRedzone, ESPN, or HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and STARZ. These channels can cover a wide variety of topics, including reality programming, children’s shows, sports and movies. You decide the package and channels you get.

Comcast XFINITY TV offers standard, HD and 3D programming. This television formatting gives viewers a choice that other providers can’t give. Comcast also has hundreds of channels, with free HD choices, and 24/7 access to On Demand 3D programming, as well as shows that are shown in standard and HD. Comcast can also provide live action events through Pay Per View. For more details, click Comcast XFINITY TV Deals right now.

While watching these shows, the phone can ring, or nature can call. When that happens, families can take advantage of the DVR, or HD-DVR, to gain complete control over their shows. These devices can record programming, and rewind, pause and fast forward it. When a show is recorded it is there when you have time to watch it, even if it’s a week later. These functions also work for the On Demand and Pay Per View shows, movies and live events.

While trying to decide what you want to watch, you can use the on-screen guide that Comcast offers. This guide can give you programming information and help you decide on what you want to watch, and what you want to record for later. It can also help you decide which channels and shows you want to set with the Parental Controls. Comcast offers these for no additional charge, allowing you to keep complete control over what your children watch, even when you are not home.

Comcast has even more to offer with high-speed internet that can download and stream at 105 Mbps, even with WiFi. This service can provide you with online programming, online security, online Parental Controls and online storage. The online security protects against hackers and malware. The online Parental Controls allow you to decide where they go and don’t go online. The online backup is a way to back up and store your personal information and photos that you don’t want to lose. Check out the current Comcast High Speed Internet Deals right here.

Comcast has unlimited calling within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. This comes with calling features that help manage calls. Comcast can also provide calling features, for no additional charge. When you need to make international texts, do it with the Carefree Minutes that you can use on your personal device. This provider can also give you international minutes for calling loved ones overseas.

When you need these three services in one low price, ask about the Comcast Bundled service package. These packages can give you hundreds of dollars in savings over the course of a year. Bundles provide the benefit of three great services in one monthly bill that you can pay online.

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Check Out The Cable TV Providers In Your Area

Your local cable TV provider may have more to offer than you are aware of. Did you know you could get the latest in HD-DVR technology? Or that your cable provider has a wide selection of HD channels, with many free HD channels to enhance the value of your programming package? These are just some options that can give you the programming you are looking for.

Your cable provider is family-friendly. Since you want to keep a kid-friendly viewing environment, your cable provider offers free Parental Controls that help you block adult programming. You can use the on-screen channel guide to see what comes on to determine what you want to block and what you want to see. Use the guide to set your DVR or HD-DVR so that you catch all of your favorite shows and movies, not to mention all of your football, hockey or soccer. These selections can be stored on your hard drive to be ready for you when you have the time to watch them.

You can use the DVR/HD-DVR to fast forward, pause and rewind through your recorded selections. You can also use these functions to control the new movie releases and Pay Per View selections you have access to. There are thousands of selections on these services, available to you day or night, so you are never without something to watch.

If you would rather watch your video programming online, your provider has a lot to offer. You can get online programming, as well as a solid broadband connection to watch it with. Go wireless and you can view these selections on your tablet or laptop while you surf, chat or shop and bank online.

The high-speed Internet service comes with online security and online Parental Controls so that you are more in control of what goes on in your home. The online security offers protection from trojans, spyware and viruses while the Parental Controls keep your children off the sites you don’t want them on. You can use the controls to block internet access and to monitor online activities. They give you the control you want.

Your provider also enables you to communicate by phone with a set monthly rate and unlimited local and long distance calling. This rate includes your calling features for managing your calls. It allows you to call within the US, Puerto Rico and Canada. You can even make your international calls and save more money.

With one service provider, your entire home service needs can be met. You can ask about a bundled service plan so that you get the discounts and money-saving offers you deserve. A bundle will combine home programming with home internet and home phone service on one bill. With a Bundle, you can save money by paying the discounted monthly rate. You can save time by paying for three bills through a convenient online bill pay option. It means less time spent with the check book and debit card and more time spent enjoying the services you pay for.