Eddie The Eagle Will Touch Your Heart

Eddie The Eagle is the real life story of the famed Olympic ski player, Michael Edwards. Michael Edwards was the first skier to represent Great Britain in the Olympics. The film  directed by Dexter Fletcher, premiered in the United States on February 26, 2016 and received a positive reception.

Michael Edwards had a long-time dream of being a part of the prestigious Olympics. He did not even know in which sport he wanted to participate. He was interested in skiing, but did not fare well in it. However, he had the unconditional support of his mother, although his father was not that enthusiastic about his ‘unrealistic’ dreams. He finally opts for skiing in the Winter Games, but the British Olympic committee does not select him for the Olympic skiing team. However, he was so determined to participate in the Olympics that he found an answer in ski jumping. This category had not seen the United Kingdom participate ever. He makes the cut and joins the training camp, where other players make fun of him for the lack of skill and unorthodox tactics. He is then trained by a seasoned coach, Bronson Peary, who himself, is looking to redeem himself.

Hugh Jackman plays Eddie's trainer in the movie
Hugh Jackman plays Eddie’s trainer in the movie

The movie is basically about the human spirit. It is not necessarily about winning, but about the perseverance, about how hard you can get hit and still push back. You cannot call Eddie the Eagle a talent trove, but this man can try and how. This is what the audiences connect to most. They feel for the guy. The movie plays on the classic emotion of rooting for the underdog and it does that really well.

The movie also reminds its viewers of the important lesson that it is never too late to learn. People fall into a rut and convince themselves that they cannot learn. This movie negates that train of thought and fights forward. Eddie The Eagle is legendary in the way he has conducted himself throughout his life and the movie celebrates the same.

The movie’s cast includes Taron Egerton as Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards and the role of Bronson Peary is portrayed by Hugh Jackman. Egerton has played his part well in the sense that he is believable as an athlete, but in appearance, he does not look much like Eddie. In the role of coach, Jackman has delivered a fine performance too.

Taron Eggerton plays Eddie in the movie
Taron Eggerton plays Eddie in the movie

The plot of the movie and the performance by the actors went down well with the critics and the audiences alike. While it received a 76% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, it managed to score an A grade on CinemaScore.

After watching the movie, the audience is pretty much guaranteed to leave the hall with a smile on their faces. The film shows the protagonist bumping into one hurdle after another and still working his way through it. The great part is that Eddie also manages to retain his sense of humor through all the problems that life throws at him. The movie also brings home the true spirit of the Olympics.


How Americans Can Stream Television and Video

As internet is taking over the cable industry with more and more users are migrating to the available streaming services every day. There are many quality services available in the market that will look after your entertainment needs without costing as much as the cable. However, to enjoy these services uninterrupted, you should have a good internet connection that offers speeds of more than 10 Mbps. Also, an unlimited data plan is desirable, if you want to stream movies and other programs, without having to check the usage every time. There is a slew of service providers ready to serve you, should you decide to cut the cord. When you subscribe to AT&T Internet, you are getting one of the best broadband providers in the nation.


1.      Roku

It comes with a large number of popular apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube for watching online content. The user friendly interface and simple controls are the main reasons that have made Roku a crowd favorite. You can pick from Roku, 1, 2, 3 or their Roku Streaming Stick, depending on your content needs as well as your budget.

roku crackle controls

Since its release in March 2013, Roku 3 has been one of the most preferred television and movie streaming devices. It is seamless to move around and select different options. It also comes with a remote that has a built-in headphone slot, which makes it ideal for enjoying late night programs without disturbing anyone. There is ample memory, and SD card slots have been provided to expand it, if required. It also comes with gaming functionality, voice commands, and an Ethernet jack.


Roku 2 is a cheaper version of Roku 3 but without the extra space and slots. It also does not offer as smooth a search as the Roku 3. However, it works well with older models of TV.


The Roku Streaming Stick also is quite similar to Roku 2 in functionality. It works with any television with an HDMI port and the neat drive can just be plugged in, to enjoy television with the accompanying remote.


Roku 1 is the most basic of all versions. It offers the same services, but there are no extra jacks. It also does not feature the updated versions of many apps.  It is a practical and affordable streaming device.


2.      Apple TV

It did take a little time for the company to hit the bull’s eye, but the final product is worth it. Competitively priced at $99, this service offers a variety of media as much as its competitors. However, it does not support as many applications as its counterparts.

apple tv what to expect

You can access your iTunes account, as well as mirror your MacBook screen on television with the help of Apple TV. The interface is fluid and there is a sense of familiarity, if you are already an Apple user. The compact and lightweight device offers control via any of the Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, among others. If you are a hardcore Apple fan, then this is a product for you, if you ever decide to cut the cord.


3.      Google Chromecast & Nexus Player

With the compact dongle that plugs right into the HDMI port on any TV, Chromecast is also a big hit among cord cutters. You can use your smartphones, tablets and other devices to stream videos and watch them on the television.


You can use any of the services like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, YouTube and other popular platforms to get your entertainment fix.  The biggest advantage that Chromecast has over its competitors is its affordable price of $35.


Google Nexus Player with its neat design also gets brownie points for the voice search. It returns relevant results even for complex searches, with name of actors, movie genre or a combination of both.



4.      Amazon Fire TV

This one offers all the features of almost a $100 box in a humble Amazon Fire TV stick, for a much less price of $39. In terms of value, it has to be one of the best streaming devices out there. The other big advantage that comes with this particular streaming service is the unbelievable speed you can enjoy content on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant. It also offers voice search for selected services like Hulu Plus, and Showtime Anytime, among a few others. The TV store also comes with a generous helping of games that can be played on your big TV screens. It also supports quite a good number of apps that makes it a worthy competitor in the industry.


5.      TiVO

It is one of the best DVR available, if you are looking to ditch cable and switching to television over the internet. You can record all your favorite movies and shows. It can be used for watching television on demand and also streaming content through various apps like YouTube, Pandora, and so on. The initial payment for hardware, about $200 and the subscription fee, may be prohibitive for some. But, it does provide a good service, is easy to navigate, and offers a huge selection of TV programs and movies to watch from.


Major Apps for Streaming

If you are not interested to let go of the cable, but want to watch the online libraries of television programs and movies, well that has been taken care of too. You can also stream all the content you want right on your existing device, whether it is a phone, tablet or anything else.

1.      Netflix

It is one of the most popular online streaming apps in the market. All you have to do is to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9, and access unlimited content. You can watch seasons of television shows, movies, rate them, mark them for watching later and much more. You will also get recommended content based on your preference for a better experience.

2.      Hulu Plus

Hulu is quite similar to Netflix and lets you watch your favorite television programs and other content in exchange for a subscription of $8. The service does lose points for the user experience because of the constant advertisements, even in the paid version. The user interface and surfing is, however, a delight. It is a popular app for the quality and the range of content available.

3.      Sling.TV


This is one of the serious contenders for the top spot for streaming app. It is priced at the higher end of $20. The fee does translate into a wide variety of television channels and access to various programs. This also works like the cable television, where you pay for a bouquet of services depending on your requirement. This is a great app for those looking for an alternative to watching sports on cable TV.

4.      YouTube

With a huge collection of videos, YouTube is one of the most popular online video streaming services. You can easily play the content online and there is no need for any kind of subscription fee or initial deposit. As simple as that. However, this may not exactly be a replacement for regular television, because you cannot always find the content you are looking for. You can, however, subscribe to a particular channel on YouTube. This is a great way of entertainment, but may not be an alternative for watching television programs and movies.


Did You Know? Trivia about Disney’s Bolt


Disney’s Bolt was only a modest success at the box office, but the film garnered critical praise for its ability to combine the action-adventure of a spy film with the emotion of a film centered on pet dogs, cats and other animals. The film was even nominated for numerous awards, including the Academy Award for Best Motion Picture; although it lost most of these awards to WALL-E, released in the same year, it remains one of the better modern Disney films. How much do you really know about Disney’s Bolt? Let’s take a look at some interesting trviai that might just surprise you!

Miley Cyrus wasn’t the original voice of Penny
Chloë Grace Moretz, who voices young Penny in the film, was initially cast as the older Penny as well. Mortez recorded her lines for the entire film but was replaced by Miley Cyrus for unkonwn reasons. Some fans speculate that Disney may have wanted a bigger name attached to the project, and since Cyrus was currently popular due to her Hannah Montana TV series, she was a prime candidate.

Bolt’s name was changed in several countries
It’s not unusual for names to be changed when a film is dubbed for different countries; Bolt’s name was changed to “Volt” in the Russian release because “bolt” is an adult-oriented slang term in Russian. Bolt was also called Volt in the French-language releases, as well as the Hungarian langauge release. In Bulgaria, his name was changed to “Thunder.”

Bolt is an American White Shepherd
Although fans have long speculated on the exact breed of Bolt, the show’s creative team has revealed that he is definitely an American White Shepherd. The breed is well known for their energy, their abilty to learn new tricks quickly, and their loyalty.

In the original storyboards for the film, Bolt is attacked by Doberman Pinschers
One particularly dark scene was storyboarded for the film but never animated; in this scene, Bolt is attacked in an alley by two Dobermans, who not only physically hurt him but rip off his beloved collar. After the attack, Bolt realizes that he has no super powers. The scene was cut because it was considered too dark for the film, and the writers felt that they could portray Bolt’s realization about the TV show in a way that wasn’t as frightening or cruel as the storyboard scene.


Is your dog a superstar? Let the world know.


The Loss of Moral Centers in The Walking Dead

The characters of AMC’s TV series The Walking Dead are often faced with exceptional moral dilemmas. The following are just a few of the moral questions brought up in the past seasons of The Walking Dead:

Is it ever acceptable to kill living people? Is it ever acceptable to leave someone behind, or sacrifice someone in order to save the group? Is it better to lead with an iron fist, or allow everything to work democratically? Is revenge worth the potential cost to everyone around you? Should strangers be integrated into an existing group or left to their own devices? Should you help everyone you come across, or help only yourself or your own group?

walkingdeadmoralsSome of these questions are never quite resolved in the show. Much like real life, they are stuck in a morally grey area, where “I can see why it’s right, but also why it’s wrong” is the status quo. Sometimes, however, the moral quandaries faced by the characters put them on a fence between humanity—and instinctual survival.

In the show’s second season, the disappearance of Carol’s daughter led not only to tension amidst the group, but a question of morality and humanity. Dale, the eldest member of the existing group, was what most people would consider its moral center. His philosophy was to retain his humanity by behaving as he thought people in a civilized and sympathetic society would. This meant not leaving people behind, caring for people’s wounds when necessary, looking for the lost Sophia—and so on. Dale reminded everyone that they were all still people, still friends, still family—and that being kind and human in such a brutal world was the only way that they could retain their humanity.

The death of Dale was the show’s first experience with the loss of a moral center. Without Dale’s objections to more morally questionable actions or decisions by the group, there was no one to raise their voice when the humanity of the group began to slip into survival mode.

Hershel, who essentially came into Dale’s former role as the voice of human reason among the group, also advocated caring for one another, helping strangers, and holding onto morals and empathy for fellow living people. The recent loss of Hershel leaves the show without a character to remind everyone of the difference between the living and the dead. Keep up with the drama of The Walking Dead on Dish Network Satellite TV.


Top Three Episodes of Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre

Before Once Upon a Time, before Grimm, even before The 10th Kingdom, there was: Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre A generation of children grew up on this believed TV series, hosted by—and sometimes starring—the incomparable Shelley Duvall. The series, which lasted for six seasons and ran from 1982 to 1987, retold 27 different fairy tales for a new generation.

Unlike modern fairy tale shows, Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre did not try to be too contemporary, edgy, or fractured. The goal of the show was to recreate beloved fairy tales, some well-known and others less so, in order to introduce their stories to an audience. Perhaps the most notable thing about the series, aside from its wonderful premise, was the fact that the show was actually able to book many celebrities. Modern fans of the show might be surprised at just how many celebrities show up in these classic fairy tales!

The show retold 27 different fairy tales, including popular ones such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and less well-known tales such as The Boy Who Left Home to find out about the Shivers. But which episodes of this classic fairy tale show were the best?

piedpiper The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Pied Piper of Hamelin is the creepiest of the Faerie Tale Theater episodes and certainly the most well designed. This episode, which starred Eric Idle (who turns in a dramatic–yes, dramatic!–performance) and was based on the paintings of Jan Beurghel, did not stray from the dark and creepy implications in the original Pied Piper poem. Who says you need to fracture a fairy tale in order to make it dark?

shivers The Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers

Another dark and creepy episode, this time narrated by Vincent Price and featuring Peter MacNicol as the titular boy, and Peter MacNicol, Christopher Lee and Frank Zappa in other leading roles. This episode features Christopher Lee as his creepy best, and is a “must see” for anyone who loves their fairy tales creepy.

princess The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea isn’t creepy, but it is fun, witty, entertaining and very charming. The priceless Liza Minnelli is unforgettably witty in an already witty script, which takes jabs at a monarchy system and will have you rolling on the floor.

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Dr. Who Forever

Dr Who
Dr Who

I admit I’m only a recent fan of the legendary British Sci-Fi series Dr. Who.  Of course, I know and have known what Dr. Who is for years.  But I knew little about it.  Before the internet it was difficult to find out what shows were all about.  We didn’t have streaming services for TVs and Blu-ray players either, nor did we even have DVDs or VHS to watch.  How else could you see a show that wasn’t on the air any more or even if it was, it was broadcast in England?

Thanks to the aforementioned streaming services and home video, I have been able to connect with the most varied, longest running TV show on the air today.  Part of my reticence to even begin was the sheer amount of episodes and series this iconic show has.  It’s a bit daunting.  But when the revised series came into being several years ago, I began getting more and more curious about what it was.

There are close to 800 episodes of Dr. Who, 106 of which are missing.  Over a hundred missing alone!  That’s more than most shows even have in total.  It’s intimidating for the first time viewer.  I started with a few episodes from the revised series.  I loved it instantly.  David Tenant was so fun and energetic in the role, so commanding and fully realized I knew he would take me on a ride filled with aliens, time travel to the distant future or recent past, fantasy creatures come to life and meetings with historical figures of myth, legend, or real life.

This is the crux of Dr. Who’s greatest.  Anything and everything is possible.  We might find the Doctor and his companion (a girl replaced almost as often as the Doctor regenerates) in the year 5 Million on earth, in the distant past, on another planet far out in space or even in an alternated London.

There are no limits to Dr. Who.  Even when the Doctor dies from injuries that would kill a human, the immortal Time Lord simple regenerates into another incarnation, being replaced by the next actor to take the role.  We are about to witness the eleventh Doctor’s era soon, with the beginning of the upcoming 8th series.  Matt smith is stepping down to allow Peter Capaldi, a much older man, to take over.

I think this is a good move.  We have not had an older Doctor since the revised series came into being so this will be a return to the old school way of the show, maybe with a cranky Doctor like William Hartnell played it.

Either way, Dr. Who shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.  Long Live the Doctor!

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Dish Network Is Just About Everywhere

No matter your location, Dish Network supplies you with home programming and accessible remote access relative to your specific entertainment package. What kind of detailed home programming would you like? With Dish Network Satellite TV Promotions you get to choose. They offer a variety of six different packages of television programming to select from. Additionally, you may add to your subject choices with other great content including sports and movie premiums, and International programming packages.

Dish Network Satellite TV offers a brand new HD-DVR that makes it much easier to program and watch. When using the DISH Hopper, you receive a 2TB hard drive capable of 2,000 hours of storage space on the regular definition programming in addition to 250 hours for storage for HD programming. Also, the Hopper has a convenient remote locator to help you find your misplaced remote control.

Presently, Dishnetwork is proposing a huge savings discount by giving you free Blockbuster@Home for the initial three months when you register as a new subscriber. The select Blockbuster programming consists of Blockbuster’s renowned entertaining shows, movies and games, up to twenty various movie channels, plus movie rentals. Dish redefines the idea of convenience since you can access your programming literally anywhere. Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, watch it from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone from the park, train station or the comfort of your own home.

View up to four various TV shows in four separate rooms with a single Hopper when you use a Joey. You can rest easy since setting it up to effortlessly record all your favorite primetime television shows is no problem. Another great feature is the ability to simultaneously record up to six primetime television shows from four various networks automatically.

Because you’re using the DISH Hopper, you will receive Dish Anywhere service which enables you to put together your favorite recordings along with anything else that corresponds to your home package. Watch your preferred programming on any of your mobile devices including your tablet or smartphone. Receive access to watch live television channels with greater than 15,000 On Demand choices and any other content you recorded to your computer’s hard drive.

You will love the fabulous entertainment provided. Dish Network Satellite TV not only offers your family a vast selection of entertaining media, but affordable pricing as well. Sign-up today.

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Is Comcast The Best Cable Service Provider?

Comcast has some exciting new features and services to offer its customers. These services and features can help provide an entire family with the kind of programming that makes for a great home theater, as well as great home communications.

Enjoy television channels like Disney, Lifetime, the Discovery Channel, the NFLRedzone, ESPN, or HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and STARZ. These channels can cover a wide variety of topics, including reality programming, children’s shows, sports and movies. You decide the package and channels you get.

Comcast XFINITY TV offers standard, HD and 3D programming. This television formatting gives viewers a choice that other providers can’t give. Comcast also has hundreds of channels, with free HD choices, and 24/7 access to On Demand 3D programming, as well as shows that are shown in standard and HD. Comcast can also provide live action events through Pay Per View. For more details, click Comcast XFINITY TV Deals right now.

While watching these shows, the phone can ring, or nature can call. When that happens, families can take advantage of the DVR, or HD-DVR, to gain complete control over their shows. These devices can record programming, and rewind, pause and fast forward it. When a show is recorded it is there when you have time to watch it, even if it’s a week later. These functions also work for the On Demand and Pay Per View shows, movies and live events.

While trying to decide what you want to watch, you can use the on-screen guide that Comcast offers. This guide can give you programming information and help you decide on what you want to watch, and what you want to record for later. It can also help you decide which channels and shows you want to set with the Parental Controls. Comcast offers these for no additional charge, allowing you to keep complete control over what your children watch, even when you are not home.

Comcast has even more to offer with high-speed internet that can download and stream at 105 Mbps, even with WiFi. This service can provide you with online programming, online security, online Parental Controls and online storage. The online security protects against hackers and malware. The online Parental Controls allow you to decide where they go and don’t go online. The online backup is a way to back up and store your personal information and photos that you don’t want to lose. Check out the current Comcast High Speed Internet Deals right here.

Comcast has unlimited calling within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. This comes with calling features that help manage calls. Comcast can also provide calling features, for no additional charge. When you need to make international texts, do it with the Carefree Minutes that you can use on your personal device. This provider can also give you international minutes for calling loved ones overseas.

When you need these three services in one low price, ask about the Comcast Bundled service package. These packages can give you hundreds of dollars in savings over the course of a year. Bundles provide the benefit of three great services in one monthly bill that you can pay online.